Sensuous Blinds



We all are aware of the fact that everything has a reason. Especially in the field of interior designing if something is without a reason, then it is not worth installing or using up in the space. Even a mere dot signifies something. So a whole textured-something indicates a plethora of emotions or feelings. LIVIN BLINDS manufacture window blinds with unique and unrivaled textures on various types they possess. Therefore, the “Taffeta” range in Roller Blinds indicates a level of sensuousness in the environment. This comes from the jet black sprig over burgundy tint base on the seamless blinds which never cease to show off its sauciness. Hence, it can be used in master bedrooms, a restaurant with cos interiors, rooms of hotels, spa, etc. This texture also connects us better to the Mother Nature due to the flowery pattern. These voluptuous window shades which provide complete security and privacy are available in the blackout fabric to ensure complete opacity. These are also available in manual as well as motorized mechanism.


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